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2022 Student Trophies

Group 1 more experienced than Group 2

Rhythm 2022 Age 5-7 Group 1 

1st Place Trophy David Daniel331TIE

1st Place Trophy Nandhana Motaparthy331

2nd Place Trophy Avyan Haripuram 281

3rd Place Trophy Haley Hoover270

4th Place Gold Medal Akshara Balasubramanian 229

5th Place Silver Medal Daniel Pereira 211

6th Place Bronze Medal. Sanvi Irala190

Rhythm 2022 Ages 8-10 Group 1

1st Place Trophy Shrivas Manubolu 572

2nd Place Trophy Sanah Panda562

3rd Place Trophy Nivaan Enjamoori538

4th Place Gold Medal Moshika Getni470

5th Place Silver Medal Adhrit Kandagadla439

6th Place Bronze Medal Tarun Tammineni438

Rhythm 2022 Ages 8-10 Group 2 

1st Place Trophy Aishu Boddu399

2nd Place Trophy Sanvi Irala 345

3rd Place Trophy Aarthi Boddu335

3rd Place Trophy Gabriel Hoover335

4th Place Gold Medal Isha Pamula 265

5th Place Silver Medal Arjun Peetla229

6th Place Bronze Medal Katie Borawski157

Rhythm 2022 Ages 11-13 Group 1 

1st Place Trophy Neha Kannan866

2nd Place Trophy Kritin Pendyala727

3rd Place Trophy Sumedh Pendyala669

4th Place Gold Medal Aarush Venkatesan667

5th Place Silver Medal Prajith Vemireddy646

6th Place Bronze Medal Samika Boggarapu629

Rhythm 2022 Ages 11-13 Group 2

1st Place Trophy Zohayr Yussouff436

2nd Place Trophy Shreyas Kalidindi381

3rd Place Trophy Anwitha Devarapalli343

4th Place Gold Medal Lavina Colaco338

5th Place Silver Medal Nidhi Vakalapudi270

6th Place Bronze Medal Bani Gill 253

Rohan Konanki, Aarya Kumar, Saanvi Lamba, &

Ananyaa Ramaswamy have graduated from Rhythms

and no longer need testing. Congratulations !!!

Rhythm 2022 Ages 14+ Group 1 

1st Place 1000 Point Trophy Rohan Konanki 1000TIE

1st Place 1000 Point Trophy Aarya Kumar 1000

1st Place 1000 Point Trophy Ananyaa Ramaswamy 1000

1st Place 1000 Point Trophy. Saanvi Lamba1000

2nd Place Trophy Zareena Yussouff644

3rd Place Trophy Barak Harris412

4th Place Gold Medal Vaishnavi Naguboyina390

5th Place Silver Medal Barbara Mautner297

6th Place Bronze Medal Austin Harris112

Notation 2022 Age 5-7

1st Place Trophy Avyan Haripuram 2:31.42

2nd Place Trophy Akshara Balasubramanian 2:46.18

3rd Place Trophy Nandhana Motaparthy 3:23.85

4th Place Gold Medal Haley Hoover 9:04.32

5th Place Silver Medal Mahathi Peetla 11:13.38

6th Place Bronze Medal. Daniel Pereira 11:28.09

Aasritha Devarapalli 18:05.47

Notation 2022 Age 8-10

1st Place Trophy Sanah Panda 1:08.45

2nd Place Trophy Enjamoori 1:21.23

3rd Place Trophy Aishu Boddu 1:21.57

4th Place Gold Medal Sanvi Irala 1:53.62

5th Place Silver Medal Katie Borawski 2:38.21

6th Place Bronze Medal Arjun Peetla 3:02.20

Advanced Notation 2022 Ages 8-10

1st Place Trophy Shrivas Manubolu 2:27.31

2nd Place Trophy Moshika Getni 2:45.26

3rd Place Trophy Adhrit Kandagadla 2:45.98

4th Place Gold Medal Tarun Tammineni 2:54.47

5th Place Silver Medal David Daniel 2:59.92

6th Place Bronze Medal Anika Tammineni 3:23.89

Notation 2022 Age 11-13

1st Place Trophy Kevin Ron. :51.23

2nd Place Trophy Shreyas Kalidindi 1:27.53

3rd Place Trophy Zohayr Yussouff 1:41.92

4th Place Gold Medal Nidhi Vakalapudi 1:45.81

5th Place Silver Medal Lavina Colaco 2:22.12

6th Place Bronze Medal Bani Gill 4:24.90

Advanced Notation 2022 Ages 11-13

1st Place Trophy Samika Boggarapu 2:04.80

2nd Place Trophy Neha Kannan 2:09.62

3rd Place Trophy Srikha Manubolu 2:18.30

4th Place Gold Medal Aditi Pesarakayala 2:58.37

5th Place Silver Medal Aarush Venkatesan 3:07.27

6th Place Bronze Medal Akshara Naguboyina3:36.98

Advanced Notation 2022 Ages 14+

1st Place Trophy Saanvi Lamba 2:05.28

2nd Place Trophy Aarya Kumar 2:05.38

3rd Place Trophy Ananyaa Ramaswamy 2:13.04

4th Place Gold Medal Rohan Konanki 2:57.36

5th Place Silver Medal Vaishnavi Naguboyina 3:07.5

6th Place Bronze Medal Barbara Mautner 4:08.57

You Tube Trophies - Level 1 (7 videos)

Ved Dave

Nidhi Vakalapudi

You Tube Trophies - Level 2 (14 videos)

Lincoln Matias Julsrud Bermudez

Nivaan Enjamoori

Moshika Getni

Adhrit Kandagadla

Aarya Kumar

Performance Trophies (7 shows)

Performance Trophies (14 shows)

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