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Edward C. Habis - Manassas, VA


$30.00 / 30 minutes within 15 Miles

$35.00 / 30 minutes within 30 miles

$40.00 / 30 minutes outside of 30 miles

        Edward Habis is an active member of the Piano Guild. He graduated from Shenandoah University Music Conservatory with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies and Piano Performance. He studied Jazz under Dr. Robert Larson, and Mr. Alan Baylock, Jazz Chief Arranger of the U.S.Airmen and Note.

       Edward performs his own arrangements of music fusing video game music & Jazz in the development of fictional story telling and visual animation. His jazz performances reflect Jazz music from the early 20’s to today’s Jazz Modernistic sounds. He enjoys teaching Jazz music to people of all ages, individually and in groups. His interests in teaching stems from his strong music foundation and his studies in empirical concepts of classical and jazz music and their practical applications for composition and performance. He specializes in jazz piano although part of his studies was in classical music. Through this experience, he draws his teaching approaches of using visuals to teach how to play synchronized harmonies for piano music and the use of other accompanied instruments for jazz to make improvisation fun and easy to learn.

         Edward  is committed to the state of the arts methods to teach music and using up to date knowledge. He likes to tailor these teaching and learning methods to encourage his students to apply what is being learned so they can enjoy their learning and feel successful in playing. He is from Arlington, Virginia, but has travelled extensively overseas. He has a deep appreciation and understanding of cultural and language diversities and interpersonal enrichment to communicate with others effectively. During his childhood years, Edward travelled extensively with his parents who were members of the U.S Diplomatic Service. He received his elementary education including music from the International British and American Schools respectively in Bangladesh, Niger and Yemen, but also travelled to countries in Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, North Africa, and Latin America. He has a good working understanding of Spanish, a language routinely spoken and used at home.

      Music Performance: Lead Pianist for The Shenandoah Music Conservatory Jazz Ensemble & Pianist for The Shenandoah Big Band Jazz Ensemble.