Convenient Instruction In Your Home

Keri Smith - Piano

Georgetown, DC

$25 / 30min Virtual

$30 / 30min within 5 Miles

$35 / 30min within 10 Miles

$40 / 30min outside of 10 Miles 

Keri started playing piano in 2001. She is classically trained under the tutelage of Maria Tan, who is one of Hawaii’s renowned pianists and a contributor to Virginia’s Amadeus Concerts competitions. For over 12 years, Keri has played in recitals and seasonal performances while receiving certificates & honorary pins from the National Piano Guild. She also received high level Bach and Sonatina medals from the National Piano Guild. Her current focus is virtual teaching due to the current climate, although she does travel to homes in the DC area. She incorporates classical music theory and composition with advanced students in preparation for Piano Guild Composition Contests. Her style of teaching involves being creative, having fun, and growing from mistakes. Her passion is to help students find their inner artist and connect music to whatever they do in life.