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Testing & Trophies

Rhythm & Note Recognition Exams

* Teachers give rhythm exams on a monthly basis, January through October.

* Note Recognition exams are given quarterly. 

* Students compete against each other in their age group. 

* Awards are given out at the Student performance in January.


 1st Place Trophy

2nd Place Trophy

 3rd Place Trophy

4th Place Gold Medal

5th Place Silver Medal 

6th Place Bronze Medal

Required Reading:

Rhythm by Michael Hoover: Purchase Here

Basic Note Recognition: Treble &  Bass Clef Notes

Advanced Note Recognition: Treble, Bass Clef Notes, & ledger lines 

Performance Trophies & YouTube Trophies

Performance Trophies

Students who participate in 4 performances receive a performance trophy.  

See scheduled shows HERE.


YouTube Trophies

Students who post 7 videos on our YouTube channel receive a YouTube Trophy.

The following trophies are after 14, 28, & 56 posts. 

Not all students like to perform so this is another option.

Subscribe HERE to get student video updates & click on the Red Subscribe Button.

Click on HERE to see student videos.



Exams & Certificates

Music Theory Certificates

This is a written exam given by your teacher during your lesson. There are 11 exams levels.

 Upon passing each exam a Music Lessons In Your House Music Theory Certificate  is awarded to the student.  

Piano Guild Auditions  

Yearly auditions are held in over 700 cities throughout the United States. 

Students are adjudicated by an panel of judges and receive report cards,

  certificates, and fraternity pins.  Fees vary according to level ($32 - $50 / Exam)

Enrollment is December 1 - February 1.  Auditions are in May.

Piano Guild International Piano Composition Contest

Compositions must be submitted to Guild Headquarters by November 8th.

 All compositions are processed and sent to various composers that are part of the board

 of composer adjudicators. A complete list of winners will be published in the Piano Guild Magazine Summer issue.

Photography by Suresh Kumar Subramani

Ovation Celebrity Elite CE48P AE
Koa Burst
w Bowl
Koa Top
Lyrachord Back & Sides

Mahogany Neck
Ovangkol Fretboard




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